Monday, May 13, 2002

'Tis the Big Party

So it was Zoes 18th birthday yesterday. I went around Chris' house first and watched Spaced on DVD. Twas great!! I love Spaced!! Then we headed to her house, where the best party ever was about to take place. Her friends Holly, Little Gem, Annie (a regular reader!!) and Lauren were there along with her mum and sister Jody. We played pass the parcel (joy) and I won a great big Yorkie bar ("It's Not For Girls"), we had jely and ice cream and we blew bubbles in the garden. But what really made it great was the party bag!! A Monster Inc. one which we carried with pride into Wetherspoons.

Sarah and Laura arrived, followed shortly by Arron, and after a couple of drinks we moved on to the Leas Club (via Sarahs smelly car [smelly as some milk had gone off in the back]). Great night out in all.

On Saturday Sarah got drunk in..... SNODLAND!!! Wow see people it actually exists and isn't just a creation my imagination!!!

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