Wednesday, May 15, 2002

So Good Graham Norton

V Graham Norton was much better last night. It was longer (always good :o) ), had a better guest (Gillian Anderson), more internet fun, and best of all Betty in the press pack outside the Star Wars Premiere. She “interviewed” Richard Madely (Gillian Anderson: “Who the fuck is he?!”), Halle Berre and Samuel L. Jackson (who was very confused to be interviewed by a seventy year old lady, one whom looked rather scared and who keeping turning to the reporter from RI:SE for help in asking questions). Richard gave her a hard time which got him booed by the crowd (who had spotted Betty and gave her more cheers than the stars!!). Brilliant.

I went round Pete's last night with Chris and Zoe and watched a little of Miss Congeniality. Mr. Creighton phoned wants to go out for a beer on Friday. Decision on the future of Faulty Towers due on Monday or Tuesday. As is my summer ritual I have started reading Stephen King's IT. This will be the sixth summer I have done this.

There was I was going through one of my old diaries earlier, and realised it was May. I am crap at keeping Wiccan festivals. So I rarely do. But I have my own “festivals” that I celebrate/commiserate on. And May is like the most important month of the year for me (and for Colin, a former boyfriend who lives in Glasgow now, I just phoned him up and he was like “Oh are you nearly ready Jay?” I lied and told him I was). AAAAHHHH. I have things to do!!!

This will mean I may not post as regularly as always, I might do but I will have to see if I have time. And I might not be out as much. Imagine Christmas and my birthday added together and you are not even close to how important the coming days are to me.

May future post (finally use one of Blogger Pro’s features) some silly stories for the days I can’t post. These are stories from my past that are funny/scary like the time I meet Natalie Woods, or saw a ghost, or the time I persuaded half of Snodland I was Batfink……. Actually all are funny for you to read and scary for me to live thru. Damn…..

Plus some old diary entries from yesteryear. Get a real insight into the private world of Jason Kay aged 17 and 3/4!!!!

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