Tuesday, May 07, 2002

"Ouf" and other stories

Right Le Pen was defeated in the French elections, which lead to me say "Ouf" (French for "phew"). But he still got 6 million votes. Which is bad. He is expected to do well in the coming general election.

Remember Pim Fortuyn, the only right wing leader I respect? He was shot dead yesterday. His unique blend of reactionary and liberal values was a breath of fresh air. And his gay pride was heartwarming. I fear with his death, his hard line party wil get even more seats in the coming Dutch elections, and without his guidance may fall back into line with more Conservative right wing movements like Haiders Austrian Freedom Party, Griffins BNP and Le Pens Le Front Nationale. Dark days are ahead.

I went out to Wetherspoons and the Leas Club last night with Chris, Pete, Laura and Sarah. When I got home I caught the last bit of Graham Nortons new show and then had a phone call from Jon when he told me he loved me. AAAHHH!! I shall dump Stephen this week, it is the best thing for both us, we need to move on.

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