Thursday, May 16, 2002

A Blast From The Past

The following are extracts in full and unedited from my 2000-2001 academic diary. Anything not in italics and/or in [square brackets] is there to explain obscure references to you. These are from a diary no one has seen before.

Wednesday 9th May 2001

Dear Journal,
Today I made a big mistake. I found out that Adam was seeing a girl called Claire. The mistake was that I told Sam (Claire after all is in our politics class). He then proceeded to make fun of Adam which was annoying. Then he mentioned my name. For about an hour they argued over who I betrayed. The consensus (issued by Matthew (who was judge)) was that I betrayed everyone.
Adam now hates me. I feel bad.

Thursday 10th May 2001

Dear Journal,
Did crap RE essay and Adam still hates me. Very arkward day at school.

Friday 11th May 2001

Dear Journal,
Tumber likes me again.
Sam is close to finding out my secret. He caught a glimpse of my wallet pic of Colin, only a glimpse though.
Then he had a conversation with George who knows friends of Stephen. He told Sam everything. But Sam has yet to make a big deal of it. Sam keeps asking me about it.
[this was all about me being gay just to clarify]

Saturday 12th May 2001

average Saturday, normal stress levels, i.e. high

Monday 14th May2001

Dear Journal,
Girls from FSG
[Folkestone School for Girls] went mad with eggs and flour. Police involved. Boys retaliate. Complaints left, right and centre.
Sam still very suspicious.
Caused more agro with Tumber today by accidently telling more people

Tuesday 15th May 2001

Dear Journal,
Talk from head. Guilt trip. It failed. Sam Haggar
[head boy, embarassing them is a tradition] kidnapped, tied up, assaulted, tied outside the girls school. Head goes ballistic.
Makepeace sad to see us go. Got choccy cake and apple juice. She’s so lovely.

Wednesday 16th May 2001

Dear Journal,
Last SNHis
[Mr. Norman History class] The countdown is on
School going crazy. Planning (this is very initial planning!!) to come out on Friday. Everyone should know by now anyway.

Footnote 27th July 2001- oh my God Jason. You actually went through with something prepared in this diary. This must be a first. I don’t think I like being out. People don’t want to talk about it. Its like its okay for me to be gay as long as I don’t talk about it and act straight.

Thursday 17th May 2001

Dear Journal,
Had no lessons today. Teachers in Belgium. The Herald thinks the girls were protesting. MAD!!!!

Friday 18th May 2001

Dear Journal,
Last day of school. Ever. Mr. Conley did a normal lesson. Mrs Whitehead brought us choccy cake (more!!).
After exam breifing went to Leas Club. Got drunk. Elliot threw up in Maccy D’s toilets.
Big News. I came out. Not to everyone but Tumber and Claire were told. Others will thus fin dout.
Met nice girl called Laura
[smiley Laura] in Wetherspoons. She gave me lift home after everyone abandoned me. (NOT REALLY simply all left in drifts and drabs without me noticing as I am stupid)
Not sad to see back of school. Pleased finally to have come out.

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