Friday, May 03, 2002

Cat's Rule, Dog's Drool

I went out to band night/Andy the Bar man night last night with Pete. The band were great, the lead singer was cute. But Andy really isn't that attractive when I am sober!! He even managed to spill omeone's pint all over them!! Pete and Laura had a very mysterious phone call "He did what? With a stick?!! No!!" it went on like that for a good 5 minutes, leaving me confused.

The BNP have taken two council seats in Burnley, which is so bloody wrong it is beyond belief.

More people own cats than dogs now!! Well no actually more cats own people than people own dogs. But it is great, I can already hear Millie's evil world domination plans!! I may begin a "Free Mr. Tinkles Campaign"!!

Sarah H sent me a rather odd email, which I don't quite understand. Could she send like date references and things as I can't find any reference to what she claims in my blog. I am very sorry if I have upset her. And I was blaming myself for not keeping in contact with you and not blaming you for not keeping in contact with me.

Good news!! My comments system should be back up soon, i.e. within a day or two. Then we can begin proper discussion again!! Due to several complaints my message board is back in the side bar. And the map I "borrowed" from Karen really seems to be going well (in fact several people have borrowed it from this site!! Cool!!).

And Big Brother 3. The countdown has begun!!

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