Monday, May 13, 2002


I went into the lean to (what we call the “conservatory”) just now and had the most bizarre experience. Yesterday night I came into the house and fed my cats in the lean to. I had to move the folded up clothes horse out of the way to do it. So imagine my surprise when this morning I go to feed the cats and I find that sometime between 11.30pm and 8.00am some one has come into my house, sorted out the washing and hung it on the clothes horse. The clothes are still wet so it couldn’t have been done long a go. The doors were all bolted and locked, the windows closed (I am security obsessed).

This is not just strange but frightening. It was not done last night I know that as I distinctly remember wondering where the folded horse had come from as it wasn’t usually in my way. I really can’t, and possibly don’t want to, explain how the fuck this could be. I believe in much stranger things than this so I'll put it down to Melly Mels ghost and hope that explains it.

My family will be back later. Worse luck!!

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