Thursday, May 23, 2002

Happy Birthday Joan

Joan Collins has a birthday today (although I won’t say which as it would be cruel). HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Right firstly all my problems involving blogger and netcomments are sorted. So enjoy my brand spanking new comments system, in a new style and everything, at the bottom of each post!!!

I signed up for the Community Service Volunteers yesterday and hopefully I should get a placement soon. My ticket out of this small smelly town!!! I went to Gees last night with Sam where we talked loads and loads, and me, him and Sonia (the Wednesday barmaid) had an excited chat about Big Brother 3.

OK I have an apology to make. I don’t fancy Tom Selleck. A mistake wholly on my part possibly led to you to believe I fancied some old man (cute in his day but not my type!!). I actually like Tom WELLING from Smallville. Apologies to Sam and Pete who tried to correct me!!

Last episode of Smallville series 1 yesterday (sob). I fell head over heels in love with Mr. Welling when he tooks his top off yesterday. As Laura said… phwoar. He has the looks of the Sixth Former and the body of a Greek Adonis with an innocent farm boy look in his eye. Thus I warn you I am about to become an obsessed fan. A link has been added already, I think I may start a blog ring!!

The last poll was 12/14 in favour of me dumping Stephen. So I really need to. The current poll is interesting. Who is voting what?

Friday is Big Brother Day (also Dermot O’Leary Day) I am very, very excited. Saturday is Eurovision Day (with the sarcastic tones of Terry Wogan). Let us pray the presenters aren’t as annoying as last year.

Under a month until I turn 19. I’m getting all grown up!!

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