Friday, May 24, 2002

Big Brother 3 Begins

Very Briefly (much more depth next post) my initial thoughts. OK Alex the predicted gay man is cute, but I really love Alison (Aretha Franklin like). I loath Jonny (who let Sandy and Alex carry the "ugly" girls bags but as soon as some one cute arrived his smarmy little hands were offering "help") HE MUST DIE. And Lee, love the muscle (and his shorts seem well filled too ;o) ) hate the man. What a show off!!! And poor Spencer he looks Left out, almost like he is going to cry!!!

Love the house!!!!! Needs a cat tho :o).

May well be reporting on OnlineBigBrother in the near future (thanks for the tip Karen) and anyone got any tips for the forfeit for me and Karen's bet which officially begins Monday?

P.S. Dermot looked real cute :o)

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