Monday, May 27, 2002

The Weekend That Was

After Big Brother started on Friday, you can imagine what a large portion of my weekend has consisted of. So Alex is straight. He fancies Kate (d’uh!!!! She is evil!!). But still he looks good in a shower, doesn’t he? (oh yes for like the first time ever BB on E4 showed us a shower scene!!).

There was going to be a rant in this post (I’m in one of those moods) but I have managed to control myself today at least.

Other things I did this weekend:

Read up on some Chinese articles, a strange boy band phenomenon (the Flower Band?), Chinese women abusing their bodies trying to increase their height and thus their social status, and their plans to start lunar exploration by 2010 (I love the idea of them having a permanent moon base before the Americans!!!).

Read up on how to emigrate to Canada

Caught up with Frank the Cat (remember him!!)

And attempted to understand why Pakistan and India want to start a nuclear war over such a relatively small strip of land.

Debbie Debs has been round all weekend ordering TVs off the net, decorating our glasses, making fun of Tony and the like. Great fun. Will give you up dates on Stephen, Jon, Faulty Towers, and any thing us you want to know (just ask me anything!!) tomorrow.

And in a chuckalicious turn of events if you type in big brother and a contestants name into google you will discover I am quite high on the list (of the ones I have tested I have been on the first two pages). So for those who come here I don't like Kate, Jonny or Jade (although Jade really can't help it its just she is so loud!!)

And to Karen:- I choose Alison as my part of The Bet.

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