Monday, March 31, 2003

We'll Fight The Powers That Be

Listening to Twisted Sister who rock ssssooo much.... *head bangs*

I went to work today. I advise anyone not in a job. Don't get one. Do you really wanna have a boss, responsibilities... and a TIE?? You know if I could wear whatever I wanted to work... I'd love it.... work clothes suck (and not in a good way), casual stuff rocks...

My soundalike left work today.... have a new swirly chair.... yay!

Decided never to learn to drive today... just to see if I can be one of these 30 year olds who can't drive, and still have social life....

On that note... have been phoned up by three people I really can't remember ever knowing, who know me from some night or another.... what, what? Do I just hand out my phone number to everyone when I'm drunk?? Must not do that anymore.

Also keep getting random calls from Lib Dems. Eek!

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