Tuesday, April 01, 2003

The Limit

Now it has been the case that I had imposed a height limit on new people I went out with. It was 6'2", it was that or some types of sex became uncomfortable. But (oh yeah should warn you readers, this is one of those sex post thingys) as in the last week or so I've gone from "versatile" to "prefer top" I am lowering the height limit. And the age limit too. Age limit was "older than me" it's now 16. This opens up a whole new world of people I can scare!! Yay!

Am sssooo bored... don't make me go to work.. please... they don't have cute men there any more, so I have no one to take the boredom away. And Stacey and I have been seperated..... to keep the office noise level to decent levels. Grrr.....

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