Sunday, March 02, 2003

I've Come To See

So last night I did regain my sparkle which I had missed placed yesterday morning. Smallville was on you see. Long term readers will know that I am obsessed with that show... for purely artistic reasons of course. It has nothing to do with a certain Tom Welling and his lushcious eyes.

Then there was the news (blah!), aa great show called Car Junkies (all about hating 4x4 (SUV's)) which is one of my most popular topics (I HATE them!) and then a show about The Real John Curry, the out skater who won gold and died of AIDS. I have missed TV. Darn my evil social life!! Get's well in the way!!

Today after some lovely debt letters I have almost lost my sparkle... butshan't .. OH NO...spent lunch eating chips under a tree with Stacey as it was such a lovely day

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