Thursday, March 06, 2003

Strange Days Indeed

That reminds me... I must find my John Lennon album.

Firstly... had a strange incident today. I heard this bloke on the other side of the room talking, I just got this feeling... I know that voice. His voice was rather gay. I thought on it hard and long.... who had a voice just like his? It bothered me for a whole hour, before I realised.... he sounded exactly like I do when I listen to my phone calls... eek... I sound far too gay I have decided.

I was reading an article in the Guardian Online section by Dave Green about blogging, one of those arty farty types who thinks you should only blog if you have something interesting to say. You know, the type who are snobs and regard others efforts as "amateur" etc. One day I am going to start a ring for all us badly designed, badly written blogs and journals... we have a right to blog too you know!!! It is amazing that some people can be so harsh ! if you don't like it... don't read it... simple and concise (by the way I never finished the article.... I took my own advice)...

Oh have I told you... I am going to London on Saturday. I gave everyone at work hourly updates. Jason, remember. 12 at Charing Cross.

The Americans have gone to far this time! And I am not talking about politics for once! See here. Grrr..... if they don't want him fine.. means more gorgeousness for us!

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