Thursday, March 20, 2003

And Now For Something Completely Different

Work was ok today. Spent my lunch break reading The Stand (I forgot just how much I LOVE that book!), then got a lift home in one of the Family (like the Mafia only meaner) vans.

War? What is it good for? Getting rid of evil dictators and showing scarily dumb American commanders. "When the President says go, it's hammer time" Oh how poetic!! How absolutely fucking grand that the world is in the hands of such people. Intelligent Americans, rise up and take over your country! Our commanders say things like (and I quote from the news) "The men are composed and prepared to do their duty. We are the professional Armed Forces of the British Government and trust implicitly in their orders." See that is good public relations. That is how commanders should behave in public.. dignified and civilised and showing decency when INNOCENTS are about to die!! American commanders take note. The world is against you... so play the media game okay? Just a little quiet composure, some serious expressions... and no bloody loud rock music when addressing troops, I am talking to you Vice-Admiral Timothy Keating! (unless you are in Predator in which case I'll let you off, as long as I get to keep Arnie)). Just a little bit of that and the worlds your empire.. sorry... oyster...

I hope this war is successful and short. I hope and pray that no innocent dies. That the Iragi army surrenders, that Saddam is brought to justice, and that Baghdad doesn't have too many McDonalds and Starbucks once they give in.

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