Sunday, March 09, 2003

Gypsy Jae

I miss you Melly. Two years without you is far too long.

So I had a fab day yesterday. Today was sad, of course, but revealing. Mum, Beth and I headed for Snodland and as we approached the town limits we spotted a roadside flower stall. Deciding to buy Nan some flowers we got out to buy some. The two stall holders were of the usual in bred Snodland stock, one being Gypsy Joe, owner of the local wood yard.

As soon as he saw me he couldn't take his eyes of me (and not in a good way). "Who's your father?" he growled. "Mark Cole", my mum replied. "One of the Bristows?" he questioned. "Yes" Immediately he warmed to me, and started cooing and going "awww... I can see Ivy and Len in him" (their were my great grandparents on my fathers side.

I didn't think much of it, other than that he recognised me just by how I look. We went and saw Nan and Little Tony, who is a young tearaway now. Then Nick, Martine, Rhys and Auntie Shona (wife of the very recently deceased Claude) and we got in two cars and went to the cemetary, where too many of my family lie. The newspaper today had four memorials to Melly, and one to Claude. The family dominated that page today.

While the others went and paid their respects at Claudes bitterly fresh grave, Mum, Nan and I went to see Melly's beflowered resting place. It is sssooo unbelievable that she is dead. It's been two years and I still don't believe it. Said Hi to Harry's resting spot, so cruelly ickle among those adult ones. Then went and saw Claudes still fresh flowers.

Hmm.... then me, Beth and Mum went and saw Auntie Joy and her two HUGE cats (daughters of my Millie) their are almost twice Millie's length.

On the way home I asked about the Bristows. Mum said that my great grandparents were Bristows (and they loved me loads so I was like "cool!"). She said they were the largest Gypsy family in town. "Pardon?" I asked in none too nice a way. "They were Romany's, your father was born in a caravan. They weren't none of this traveller scum, they were real life Roma's"

And so that is how I found out I am part of an ethnic minority. That I am a Gypsy. Not slightly. I am half Roma. As far as I knew the Kay's and Nan's family the Witherdens were out of towners so I had no other relatives in Snodland. But now Mum has told me some home truths. I am related to the school bullies, our family friends, and about half the town. I am related to the two largest families, the Scholings and the Towners. And I am reported to be heir to Len's fortune.

How kerazy is that?! Melly.... I need you to keep me sane!!

Still excited about yesterday. Was great. I love having gay mates, it is so refreshing.

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