Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Smelly Cat. What Are They Feeding You?!

I smell. Sad but true. I smell because I have damp jeans on (airing cupboards don't work!) and the smelliness of the house is now transferring on to me. I think I should really tidy up... *pong*

It's pancake day!! yayness! But can't make pancakes so will need to eat lots of Kit Kats in compensation.... well can't have them lying around during lent... hmm... I think I'll give Kit Kat's up for lent. Better eat these ones up quick in that case *munch munch*

I am not visiting Melly's rotting corpse till Sunday so am going to London on Saturday with Ben. He said bring a friend so this is an open invitation to all... meet us at 12 at Charing Cross station. Go on. I dare ya *mad loony chuckle* Becky unfortunatly can't make it no longer (ah am so common)

Work was.. interesting..... Stacey read my aXm mag.... told me I need to take some poppers, that she was going to get her boyfriends penis
extended, and told me about how she went and bought some "chicken fillets" (breast enhacers) for a friend from the transgender shop down Black Bull Road. Elina declared herself a dinosaur... just shouted it for no reason... and I came out. Well Stacey got asked "what's that mag?" "it's a gay mag" "a gay mag??" "yes" "who's?" "Jason's of course" *Funny looks from whole office sent in Jason's direction*

Oh well am out and proud now.

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