Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Touch me, Touch Me, I Wanna Feel Your Body

It has been a slow day today, where I continued to argue in favour of Charlie's eyebrows (see pic below) at work.

I think Ben may cancel our trip to London.... nnnnnnooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm... must clean house, and deliver LD newspapers...


Yayness! I had a missed call from Ben at work and I thought that this would be the usual "Jae we like you, but not that much" kind of excuse for him cancelling the trip to London.

I just got a reply text to one I sent him earlier, and it said... "Don't worry wasn't phoning about anything important just wanted a bit of a chit chat.... looking forward to Sat... Ben x" Cool!!

Oh and am I the only person in the world bar Ellie, Annie and possibly Arron and Rob to know Annies "big secret" before it became common knowledge? (Sorry can't divulge as Annie has forbid it) Got a phone call from Pete and a text from Zoe promising hot gossip.... and I already knew it for months. I didn't realise it was gossip! Why didn't I tell anyone?! I thought you all knew!!

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