Monday, March 17, 2003

I've Come To See

So last night I did regain my sparkle which I had missed placed yesterday morning. Smallville was on you see. Long term readers will know that I am obsessed with that show... for purely artistic reasons of course. It has nothing to do with a certain Tom Welling and his lushcious eyes.

Then there was the news (blah!), a great show called Car Junkies (all about hating 4x4 (SUV's)) which is one of my most popular topics (I HATE them!) and then a show about The Real John Curry, the out skater who won gold and died of AIDS. I have missed TV. Darn my evil social life!! Get's well in the way!!

Today after some lovely debt letters I have almost lost my sparkle... but shan't .. OH NO...spent lunch eating chips under a tree with Stacey as it was such a lovely day

War.... is sssoooo last century deary!

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