Sunday, March 09, 2003

Jae Has A Fab Day In London

So after a quick early morning (1 am) cleaning of house, I feel into an uneasy sleep as was so excited about London trip.

I awoke at 8, said Hi to Mum, then rushed off to the station, where I got a ticket for just £13 (that's the cheapest ticket to London I've ever had!).

While waiting for Ben at Charing Cross station I played the count how many gay men I can cruise game. Always fun (3 by the way).

Ben arrived and we headed off for Kudos, a gay bar with much nice stuff like chairs and things (oooooo.... chairs). Then we made our way to Oxford Street, found the Disney Shop. There was a protest for poor Bangladeshi factory workers outside. Me and ben braved the jeers and crossed the picket line (these protesters should really be in Bangladesh sorting out the problems not ruining childrens trips to London!)

Bought Stacey a wind up, jumping Tigger with a chicken suit (hmmm... sounds madder than it originally looked). Before y'all get jealous she is paying!!

Then we went to Hamley's where Jae ran around oooing and awwwing at everything, and touching and pressing buttons and going slightly mad.... woo... funness!!

We went to HMV, then Prowler Soho (the gay shop in the gay village). Then Stephen phoned, somehow Ben said maybe we should invite him out. Which I did. I did warn Ben, may I add! We had walked about a million miles already so to meet Stephen we got the tube (ssssoooo busy) to Waterloo. Then we walked into town with him (I am ssssooo knowing how to get round London now)

He chatted endlessly, Ben started to regret his decision. We went to Comptons and were joined by Scottish guy and camp bartender friend of Stephens. Stephen offered me sex. With Ben's advice I said no. Me and Ben made our way back to Charing Cross, and said goodbye.Got home around midnight after thirty minute wait for taxi from Sandling station!

Ben is my fave person in whole world today. He is a good friend. He is quiet, silly, sarcastic (in a really nice friendly way that I love), dirty in a very innocent way. He made the day sparkle, thanks Ben!!

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