Friday, March 21, 2003

When I'm with you Its paradise No place on Earth Could be so nice

Zoe and I went to see a preview of Just Married at the cinema, managed to get into the deluxe screen at no extra cost! Was ok, altho Zoe was tired, and I was feeling like I was on a completely different planet!! I have felt a bit zonked for the last few days.

Mmmm.... Ashton Kutcher.....

Work was ok today.... but it is evil rent day today (instead of taking it each week the oh so thoughtful landlords [formerly parental units] now take it once a month thus ruining my entire weeks wages!! Yayness!!) Off to Canters tomorrow anyone wanna come?

Oh and Debbie Debs, Mum and Tony just spent their time being deeply, and loudly, homophobic in the kitchen... grrr... am not even bothering to stand up to them.. shall just move out soon....

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