Saturday, March 15, 2003

Now I Am Ready To Rise Again

Oi! Emmsy innocent ickle me never had sex on Thursday. I am being a good boy this week. I have been so busy! So after doing Leas Club and Skuba with Chris (think I was too insane for his liking) I did a full day of work Friday, went straight to Bar Vasa to meet Jon (no not Jon or John, a whole new person) for a drink. Then Zoe picked me up from there, and we got Pete, went to Tescos, I bought so much chocolate it's kerazy and we watched Comic Relief which was great but really sad as always. :o( If only the United States spent it's riches on selfless charity rather than on pointless drug laws and "defence" (war) budgets.

Then went to work today for 6 hours of overtime (that £52.50 ta very much!) and got home and went and gave £25 to Comic Relief. Now I want you to do the same. Go on. I am a temp and I can afford it. So can you!! One problem I did have with Comic Relief last night tho was the use of the words "shirt lifters". Hmm.... anyone says that near me gets their head kicked in!!!

It's Stephens birthday on the 23rd and I have been invited to celebrate on Saturday in my old haunt of Canterbury. Shoud I go?

A Little Fun Link as suppled by Marino at work.

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