Sunday, March 23, 2003

Let's Not Talk About It Anymore

There were two parts to yesterday.

Part One: It was so sunny yesterday, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and Mum, Beth and I set off for Tunbridge Wells via the scenic country side route, Pretty Woman blaring from the car stereo.

It was truely awesome. It was one of those days where I just thank the Gods for its brilliance. In Tunbridge Wells we did the obligatory stop in Long Tall Sally for mum, and then went and had lunch at a nearby cafe, which was gorgeous and the American waitress was so lovely and chatty.

Back at the car park, we discovered it and the park that it backs on to had been taken over by skater kids. As you can imagine I was as happy as could be there... Sk8r Bois!!! Mmmm...... One was sssooo gorgeous 6'2", blonde... phwoar!

I got home and relaxed.

Part Two: I got a lift into Canterbury (just how many miles did I do yesterday?!) and gave Stephen his birthday cards for today, and a present I picked up for him in Tunbridge Wells. It was super stylish clock which was so gorgeous I had to force myself to let him have it!! It was all worth it to see him smile and show it to his family.

His family were oh so amazed to see me again, and just when on and on about how tall I was. Then Stephen, his uncle and I went out on the piss. We went to the Two Doves, met up with Stephen's mates Tall Paul (just back from London protest) and Little Rob (just back from bitching school as far as I can tell!) and I was rather taken with the 50 year old land lady, as she loves 4NonBlondes as well and put "Whats up?" on... yay!!

We moved on to Bar 11, where me and Stephen's uncle were quickly accepted into the straight peoples group (for the rest of the evening I was refered to only as Tall Bloke) and it was fun. Haven't been in there in ages. But I started on the JD and cokes, and that is when the evening turned sour. Eek!! While I was at the bar some straight blokes accosted Stephen and his friends, and one had unbuttoned his shirt, cornered Stephen and was lewdly shouting "Suck my cock." Well I was most annoyed. And barged over to their corner, and sneakily, but diplomatically pushed the bloke away from Stephen, got between them, and rose to full height, along with having mean JD face on this was sufficiently scary to get all the straight blokes to leave the Bar.... muhaha..... why do people cause such trouble?? Why can't they just have a nice pleasant evening?? And if they are "straight" why can't they stay the fuck away from our bars?

I apologise to all those who I spoke to on net last night... eek.... it was the JD talking!!

My head really hurts now......

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