Sunday, March 30, 2003

I Would Rather Be Anything But Ordinary, Please

*Not Intended For Reading By Regular Readers Or Random Search People Intended For You OUT People*

So you've read my blog, I have it linked to from most my profiles, it's no secret! And then you stop talking to me. Because I've attempted suicide, ran away, and been generally depressed. Well here is news for ya... this blog is way saner than my old diary!!

You men are ssssssssoooo fickle! Hello!! I am me. You chat to me. You think my silliness is great. Till you find out my silliness was created by tears and pain. Then you hide. Wimps. Girls. You will be scared to know that most people aren't this upfront about their blips and errors... and they are the ones to watch out for... oh wait... you are those scary people!!

Bottling things up, being conservative.... they died in the 20th Century along with other bad stuff like Hitler

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