Monday, March 10, 2003

Woop That Ass

Uncle Derek phoned last night. Told me off for not visiting him in Manchester and invited me up end of April (in Derek speak that's probably about 3 years time!). He informed me he was gonna "beat my arse". Can't remember why, but oh well......

Derek is one of those guinea pig students who test drugs for phamaceutical (sp?) companies for a little cash.... which is possibly the coolest idea in the world!!!!! If I do come up to see Derek will stop by Sheffield to see the old crew.... so watch out.. better not tell Derek tho as he told me off for even considering share my time with anyone but him. Hehe...

Am meeting a bloke named Lee on Tuesday, a bloke named Chris on Thursday, and theres a possible, very preliminary possibility.. of a trip to Brighton... see I am expanding my horizons!

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