Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Avril Rocked My Socks

So after getting my hair cut I met up with Zoe at Central Station and caught the train to Charing Cross. I still felt awful but not as bad as I had when I just woke up!!

Got to London wandered up Oxford and Regent Streets, went into the Disney Store and Hamleys, got lost on Carnaby Street, found Soho, had a McDonalds in Leicester Square (is it the biggest McDonalds in the world??) and then went and got the tube from Oxford Circus down into Brixton. In Brixton we discovered one of the basic truths of the world..... all Wetherspoons are inhabited by scary old men. Only difference between Brixton 'Spoons and Folkestone 'Spoons is that in Brixton the old men were black. After that we headed for the Brixton Academy for the Avril concert. The queue was MASSIVE and Zoe and I seemed to be stuck between a group of evil girls, and two demon children...... Avril waved to the crowd from the roof of the building, and then we were in.

The support band was alright, nothing to write home about. But Avril rocked!!!!! And me and Zoe seemed to have the best view in the whole building........ it was well fun..... we made our way back on the tube again, and made it home around 1 in the morning.

Am off sick today.... blah!!

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