Tuesday, March 11, 2003

One Life With One Vision

OK so the CDs I got in my Amazon box were actually replacements for ones I left in Brighton. I got Catatonia's "International Velvet" and "Equally Cursed and Blessed" and also Republicas self titled album (see title!).

I went out with a bloke named Lee today, who I meet on Gaydar, and had a nice, albeit short, evening at Skuba. He was polite, and funny.

Now see, you all thought I'd complain about the fact I had no gay mates, and do nothing didn't you! Ha! And I didn't buy one drink.... hehe....

Yesterday was strange at work, it was lie a normal day at Eurotunnel.... and they thought it was ssssooo busy that they had to buy us McDonalds to cheer us up. Silly people me, Stacey and Patricia thought it was so bizarre!!!!

Go here I love it! Had it for ages just keep forgetting to link to it!

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