Sunday, March 30, 2003


OK..... if you come round to my house, please, please, please take my Manic Street Preachers albums when I am not looking and burn em!! God. I have had This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours for way too long.

I've had 4 men say I was cute in last 24 hours (and one say he loves me, but that was Elliot and I think he was actually talking to Kim or his parents or something :op) which always makes me uneasy... what do I want? A good bloke, with a good life, in a good place, with good people, and peace and quiet (not too much tho!). So pretty easy that one. What don't I want? A family. Committment. Stress. People who have lost their basic goodness.

I think I am losing my ability to have sex, and not let it mean anything. Eek! (hit me if I use that bastard sound again!) Stephen said there are gay Skater Bois up in Heaven (the club, not the place!) may have to go see, and try and stop myself making sex into such a big thing.... when did I last have it?? 4/5 weeks ago??? Ah!! Definetly gonna get me some skater boi (note to all this won't actually be a real one, just some guy in skater fashion, who thinks he is one but can't skate.... but hey... would I Slutty Jae complain??)

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