Sunday, March 16, 2003

My Head Is In A Spin

OH last night was... a bit of a come down from the rest of the week. I went out (at like 9 so it weren't no fun) with Pete, Sam, Zoe, Elliot, John, Rob, Arron, and Wee Gem to Spoons. Elliot was stupid and not funny. The words "He can't handle his drink" were always on the tip of my tongue.

John texted Ben and said I loved him, which is a right mess that I am still try to clean up. Sorry to hear about the house John. Hope everything turns out ok.

Gert has removed me from her Blogroll. This blog must be getting crap if people have started to remove their links to me. :o(

Am actually not a happy bunny today. I hate living in this house.

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