Monday, March 03, 2003

We Are Beautiful No Matter What They Say

Ain't that the truth? :op

Oh I have done loads of stuff today. Yeah... right!

I am sure I did something this morning that was interesting. Other than turn up late for work. Erm.... it obviously wasn't that interesting as I can't remember it.

I am such a perve. Spent whole day staring at a bloke in my office's bum. Well it's his own fault for wearing such tight trousers.... mmm.....

House smells of cat... my fav smell..... but my family will psyche if I don't get rid of it.

Oh wait interesting thing was Ben started uni today... and I remembered to text him. See I can be a good friend sometimes. Oh... must text Zoe back... she texted me like 10 hours ago.... ok so this is not turning out to be interesting... it's been a slow day...


Mmmm... I so would... I know he is only 17 but oh.... he is sssooo delicious.

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