Friday, March 07, 2003

My Bed Is Made For Two And There Is Nothing I Can Do

Got my parcel from Amazon which I will tell you about when I have more time.

After work I went out with Zoe to Spoons, had a burger, went and got a McFlurry then moved on to the Leas Club. We were joined by Elliot, Arron and Rob. Then HE arrived. MT that is. He strode in all gorgeous. Then he sat near me. Mmmm... Then he moved over to us and said "Anyone sitting here?" Zoe says "No" Jae sits and stares in a dazed way at him. He says "Can I have the chair?" Zoe says "Yes" Jae sits....

Oh my God....

HE spoke to someone I was with!! Woo!!

Parents home in 4 hours (that's 4 a.m.)

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