Tuesday, December 31, 2002

And Old Aquaintance Be Forgot

I am in contact with Ian again. Naughty Jae. Bad boy! *slap*

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have a good 2003. Work was slow, broken only by me hauling Lynda's bike down to her car (she won it in an Insurance Incentive) and then using some sort of electrical cable to fasten the boot. I hope she made it home safely!!

Am off up to Canterbury in a while. Need a bath as I smell.

OK this whole no sex/masturbation things is hard! (Oh curse my dirty mind) No really it is. No sooner have I said that than I text Ian/try and phone Stephen (does he ever answer..... nnnnnooooo).

*stands up in a room with a bunch of people sitting in a semi circle* "Hi there my name is jae, and I am a sexual complusive"

I Love Men.

For anyone confused by the whole MT thing..... he is a boy who I fancy more than anyone else ever. He makes my heart go boom! Among other things.

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