Monday, December 30, 2002

Let Us Start Over

I have read through my most recent blog posts and realise something. I am making less sense than I have ever made before. The spelling is appalling. And the actual writing? Very poor quality. Not that it was anything t write home about before. But still, you get my drift.

So let us start again. I am Jae. You are my dear Constant Reader. Some of you have been reading this for quite a long time. So you know that I am insane (in a bad way).

Right I have decided to go without sex/porn/mastubation/dirty thoughts for as long as I can. I need to stop being so darn slutty! I feel this is possibly going to be more 40 minutes and 40 seconds than forty days and forty nights. But we shall see.

Ok going without porn may be a step too far.

And dirty thoughts. I wouldn't be me if I didn't stare, tongue hanging out, with drool hanging from my chin, at anything vaguely male. And hello who is the person who can turn anything into some piece of awful innuendo? Me! Yay! I am not good at it. But I do it anyway. (ah see I even think that sounds dirty)

Anyone notice, Brighton's West pier has fallen down (a little anyhow)?

the NYE party better be fun!

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