Saturday, December 28, 2002


As my life crumbles around my ears, I use the age old method of sticking my fingers in my ears and going "lalalalalalala", to remain sane.

Hi there everyone! I have a new computer. And printer. And digital camera. And loads of cool games. Woo!! So expect many more pics of me doing... stuff....... yay!!

Right have done many things recently...... went to Leas Club on Tuesday for present giving. I went to Zoe's on Xmas Eve to collect my presents that I had left there. Xmas Day I got lots of things including: a talking Woody from Toy Story (Zoe), a new DVD player (from the family), a Heather Nova CD (from Karen), a Will Young CD (Laura) and calender (Zoe). Even Zoe's parents bought me stuff!

Boxing Day, went over Zoe's for Boxing Day tea, then me, her, Jodie (Jody?), Russell and Pete went down Spoons where I terrified Russell (who knows MT) with my amazing stalking knowledge. Seems Ellie has already tried to bribe him into getting pictures of MT in the shower..... darn she is fast....

Stephen sent me a text (finally!) saying merry Christmas Sexy, which cheered me up!

Ok last years theme for this year was jay kay On The Run if my long term readers remember...... this year it shall be Security. I want emotional and financial security, and must do anything I can to achieve this. Oh and I shall stop being a slut.

Hope you had a lovely, fabtastic Xmas dear Constant Reader.

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