Sunday, December 01, 2002

I Can't Remember Stuff

Oh wait I just have. Zoe came round last night to save me from my Civilisation: Call To Power stuppor. We watched bend It Like beckham which was rather good really. Also saw Top Ten Campest Pop Acts... where many talking heads attempt to say "Cor, that was camp" in ever more unique and complex ways.....

Work was slow and boring.... highlights me, Jackie and jenny attepmted to write the xmas team song for next monday..... oh and we started to put up our decorations, despite Fiona supposedly being in charge of that.... :o)

Let us remember the victims of HIV/AIDS on this day. It is after all World AIDS day...... millions are dead..... millions will die.... God Bless Them All.

Cheers go to Dusty who has made me a button!! Thanks!! Sexy Dusty Made This Link Me!!!

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