Saturday, December 28, 2002

Brain Dump

As you know, I really don't like about 99% of the human race. They are not the kind of people any sane person would want to meet. Most people are stupid, nasty, foolish, dangerous, and deeply, deeply in need of a good shot in the head.

Let us take a case in point. The Holocaust. This was carried out by ordinary people. The SS guards were just like any fool you see on the streets. They have no brain/principles. And even today these people are not only allowed to walk amoung us, they are praised. White Van Men are just a small step from being Nazis. I have known enough of em to know they are 1) stupid and 2) bigotted.

Why do I dwell on this? Because I fear these people. They threaten my way of life each and every day. See here. maybe it is my messed up mind, but really I want to go hide in a gay ghetto somewhere and never come back out. Most straight people confuse me and I really am unable to comprehend them.

Gay rights are nearly secured. But gay culture? We are still attacked on the street. People still use the old "I thought he fancied me so I killed him, doused him in petrol, throw him in a river and then danced on his grave" excuse to get off almost scot free in homophobic trials. How can we just sit around and say "Thing are getting better". On paper yes. In real life? No.

So I have decided. Whenever anyone asks me: Have you got a girlfriend? I won't say no, as I normally do. I'll say no, I have a boyfriend. When people are homophobic, I shan't sit back and silently curse them. I shall question them. Interrogate them. And if they hurt me? So what?!

Time to put my money where my mouth is.

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