Wednesday, December 04, 2002

The Random And The Evil

I went out in town last night with Becky, got a taxi and went to the Leas Club. She brought a friend alonmg named Claire, who is a lovely girl from Brisbane, and the night was great. Randomly Terri turned up with another girl called Lisa and things were going swimmingly until it became apparent that I was the only person out of the five of us not to have kissed a girl!

Terri gave me a lift home (she thus rules!!). Note to self.... never pay any attention to what Becky says when drunk.

Hmm.... I awoke this morning at 9 and saw that my cats were out in the conservatory. I found it to be locked. "Oh well" I thought, as my cats went loony trying to get to me, "I'll let them in the back door." That too was locked. The keys which are always in their locks were missing. Tony had got his way, and had locked my babies out. I am not best pleased!! Well, I, of course, let the cats in through the kitchen window (it was raining!) but Scooby is too ickle and stupid to understand, and remains in the conservatory meowing for me to let him in. :o( I don't think it helps that Millie keeps parading up and down in front of him basically going "Ha I am inside and you evil interloper are not. Muhahaha!" But still WHY LOCK MY CATS OUT?

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