Sunday, December 08, 2002

Time For The Main Headlines

It would seem I haven't broken up with Stephen. He has been ignoring my text as he has had no money to get credit, and wasn't contacting me as he thought I'd worry about that. Well.. d'uh!! Oh course I worry. That is what boyfriends are for, to worry about and take care of. Tut!! So he led me to feel that we had broken up rather than ask for my help. Then he tells me after a major shopping spree, where I am in no position to lend any aid. But anyway.. yay! I have a boyfriend!! Still....

Anyhew, as he would say, I went out last night to the leas Club, saw Ellie but she didn't see me, although I called. I stared consistently at the extremely cute new glass collector, as sexy bouncer must have left.... :o(

After that we headed to Blockbusters as it was so boring, where Sam meet us straight from his radio gig (catch him on every Saturday afternoon!) but left immediately as he didn't want to watch a movie. We got Goldmember, which was hilarious, than Zoe gave me a lift home, via picking up her very naughty brother who had stranded himslf round his girlfriends house.... naughty naughty!! Zoe was suitably big sisterish, deeply annoyed but still willingly to go pick him up (reluctantly!)

Oh, then late at night/early morning a certain missy..... (Laura!) phoned me up while drunk (I could tell she was drunk as she said her and her Steve were discussing how sexy I was, they must have been blinded). Oh it was great to hear from her!!!

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