Friday, December 13, 2002


So I headed for work yesterday, just a tad worried about how I was going to get home. Talked to Lisa, one the of the not so sacked temps, about our prospects. Both of us agreed that it looked like we would be working over Christmas. Please note first lucky thing of the day...... I got two Star Bars free from the vending machine..... RESULT!

At the end of work I got a taxi to the East Cliff Pavillion (ah...... £7!) and was luckily in plenty of time for the start of the party, although still in my work clothes! The meal was delicious, we all sat in our teams, with Lynn joining our table. Me and her talked about everyone on my training team. I managed to nick Jenny's Death by Chocolate.... mmmm.....

The music was... well cheesy barely describes the true horror..... Fiona turns out to be quite the dancer tho! Cheryl came over and goes.... "are you gay?". "Yes". "You know I wouldn't have thought it, but Jenny said you were." Then she told me how her good friends are Brian from Big Brother and Graham Norton, and that she was out down G.A.Y. with Brian just last Saturday. She is thus now christened Queen Of The Gays.

Found Stacey at the bar, shock!, and she was dressed up to the nines.... I really should of made an effort....

Jackie (N, there are 3 in my team!) sat next to me and asked, "have you got a girlfriend?" "No, I haven't got a GIRLfriend" I hint. "Why not?!" she asked incredously...... "Because I am gay".

Now as soon as I said that she became my best mate, and within minutes we were doing the Time Warp ("Just a jump to your left, and a step to your rrrriiiiiggghhhtttttt"). :o)

Hmmm...... I have a suspicion I am not being sacked from Eurotunnel.... had a few hints from several different people. Mainly because Fiona kept asking people WHY would they be laying me off, she is a darling, and they kept going, erm, I don't really think we are laying him off......

Afterwards I wandered into town, bemoaning how this wasn't really my home town anymore. :o( Got some money out (second lucky thing, money in my account is rare) then found £4 quid in a phone box (really lucky, I made 800% back on what I spent on a call...yay!). Phoned a taxi.... I will not speak of how much the taxi home cost.... but ouch.... my wallet hurts!

Anyway..... I had one of the best times I have had in a while last night...... really fun!

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