Monday, December 09, 2002

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

I have noticed something through conversations I have had on the net and in real life. Gay men are really becoming way too normal. This is not a good thing! When I say normal I am not talking about being mentally stable and having an ordinary life. I am talking about being sexually repressed and mentally messed up like our heterosexual brothers and sisters. (I am sure lesbians are the only stable human beings).

I will take a case in point (and I saw this in an article in Attitude, by Will Self., as well so I must at least be on somebodies wavelength here). Almost every gay man has been asked the question, usually by drunken friends/work collegues, "Do you give, or recieve?" NO this is not about Christmas presents!! If someone asked me this question I could answer either way, both or neither depending on my mood. It isn't something set in stone.

Yet some gay men are suffering from self-hating stereotyping... to give is to be good, as it is "masculine", while to recieve is bad as it is "feminine". What a load of shite! If you are a man, you are masculine. What ever you do cannot take away from that essential truth. Of course transsexuals are different, mentally they are a female, thus of course things get slightly confuzzling!! But if you are an ordinary man getting fucked will not take away from your essential manliness. Some philosopher said the same thing about trees, Sam help me with the name! And some gay men are supporting the idea that in all gay relationships you have the masculine and the feminine. This is only going to confuse the ickle idiot Hitlers who read the Daily Mail and the Sun.

But it isn't just sexually that gay men are becoming boring, it's socially too. Instead of using the new found freedoms we have recieved over the last 30 odd years, to create a unique sexual and social grouping, most gay men simply want to copy the hetrosexuals way of life. How dull! Gay marriage is a silly idea. I agree all long term partnerships deserve equal legal rights. Just the concept of marriage is socially hetrosexual, slighty aging and definetly well passed its use by date.

We are allowing ourselves to be assimilated. Assimilation equals the end of innovation and progress. And by allowing ourselves to conform, we are further alienating those gay men, be they camp, into s and m, or just quirky. And we are leaving them open to "legitimate" homophobia. Straight people may support those gay men who fall into the "masculine/feminine" arrangement described above but what of the rest of us?

You see hetrosexuals will only ever supports us up to a point. It is rare to find those who support true freedom for any sexual minority. We must stick together and fight together for our freedom, our own identity, and final control over our destiny.

P.S. went down Gee's with Zoe last night.

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