Friday, December 06, 2002

Oh Thank You Oh Merciful Masters, Now Go To Frigging Hell

Oh yes I am in such a good mood today. Now pass me the fucking shot gun.

This really annoyed me. Let's us break it down. Italics are from the article, the rest my notes.

Mrs Roche said: "We are not talking about marriage here. No Because that wouldn't go down with the Daily Mail hate brigade What we are talking about is the signing of a register." But she added that couples would be perfectly free to arrange their own private ceremonies to mark the event. Gosh she is but so kind, allowing us to do that.

The shadow home secretary, Oliver Letwin, indicated that the Conservatives would support the measure when legislation was introduced.

"Whilst we attach a huge importance to the institution of marriage we do recognise that gay couples suffer from some serious particular grievances," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
Oh thank the lord, the fact we are but third rate subjects of Her Majesty is now known as "some serious particular grievances". The fact that we are denied very basic human rights, and don't just deserve these rights, THEY ARE OURS ALREADY, AND THE POWERS THAT BE HAVE NO RIGHT TO "ALLOW" US THEM!!!!!!

Sometimes I worry about the heterosexual elite that rules over us and thinks that it is being benevolent and kind by granting us rights, it itself denied us 150 years ago. And the thing is homosexuals go "Oh thanks, we love you." When we should be shouting "About fucking time you bigoted twats! Now give us some reparations for your treatment of us!" So far what they have "given" us is frankly unacceptably pitiful. We need a revolution in rights, and we need it now. My thoughts seem to extremely similar to this essay.

And I went to see the Xmas lights turned on today. It seemed to me, instead of being about Xmas, it was in fact all about how great the Mayor of Folkestone was, and how great the people who set it up were. It was all done very non-traditional, sickingly gimmicky and "post-modernist". And the choir were singing gospel and not flipping hymns...... deeply disappointed. Even Snodland does it better, and makes it FUN!

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