Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Back At Reception

As asked for by Karen here is my Wish List

Last night an alarm went off at the Augusta Hotel in Folkestone. Mum was in charge of it so we had to go down and sort it out. It was abandoned on the 22nd October and as we went in it looked exactly as it would have that morning. Papers were still in their racks, teas and coffees festered on the bar. The reception was as it would have been as I sat behind it and waited for mum to return from switching off the fire alarm. Abandoned hotels are dead spooky. This was my third and they really do give me the willies.

Later on I went out with Sam and Adam (freshly returned from university) to Cineworld and saw Deathwatch. What this film really should have been called is "The Hole 2: The Trench". It was that awful (The Hole is the worst movie I have ever seen). What was it's point? Did the director really think he was being clever? Tut. Waste of a good muddy field.

Mmmmm....... mud...... soldiers.....

I am sssssoooooo horny today. Hello, it's been a few weeks without sex, I am like dying here. I have decided next shag is going to need to be far closer to my age. I am sick of older men. When is Stephen home?


I am in deep financial shit all over again. Merry fucking xmas.

I got a card today. It was from someone I used to write to. It sent me off down memory lane to how things were when I was 16. I had no boyfriends to worry about. Melly was still alive. I was leading a deeply exciting double life. Me, mum and the twins lived alone, although the twins stayed with Tony every other weekend and every Wednesday. Mum would often leave me alone those weekends and so I got up to all sorts of mischief, ;o), I used to hang out with mums mates, go to gigs of Shaven Haven, I used to smile.... shock! No worries. No committments. No work.

Dreams really don't come true.

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