Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Bobbing Along

Am in the mood for singing show tunes/Disney Classics at the moment..... maybe as The Song is now finished, and I have found out (joy of joys!!) that I am off on Monday so don't have to do any of the singing, or take the blame for the song, despite being the evil genius behind... *dramatic drum roll* "I Wish I Could Be Working Every Day" Now what tune do you think it is set to?

All my customers were 'orrible! Impolite, arrogant, and impatient. And that was just me after taking one of their calls!! Customers bring out the worst in me.

After reading on Gert's blog that she is off on holiday to Egypt, I want your thoughts on what I think of as "ethical holidaying". I would never go to a country I felt was morally corrupt, such as Egypt where about 50 men were arrested for being suspected as gay (please note that to top it off they almost certainly AREN'T!!). I felt bad just visiting Italy. I think of it this way. Would you go for a holiday to Nazi Germany, when you know they are killing Jews? Would you go for a holiday to Jamaica where they chase gay men into the ocean, and wait on the beach until the gay man drowns, or they simply kill him on the steps of a church? I am not trying to say that YOU shouldn't go, just saying I couldn't. Just interested in your thoughts.

Will probably go out with Becky in a minute. Yay! Becky is one of those cool people who I want to count as one of my mates. She ain't cool as in she is "cool". She is cool as she is clever, individual, not afraid to say what she thinks, and just plain fun. Of course these people I meet will never replace my school mates (and you girls too before you start complaining!), but I do like meeting new people.

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