Monday, December 02, 2002

And I Thought I Was Bitchy

Sheesh. Reading my friends blogs, comments and floobles is like being in the middle of a giant whirlwind of bitterness, resentment and hate. That's my job people!!

I am so not liking living here. It is like hell, only worse, as hell probably has stuff to do. I have to eat at the table, have to wait ages for a lift home, or pay out HALF my wages on public transport, I have no friends within any close distance, no co-op to shop at, no where to escape to beyond my room.

I am doing constructive stuff. I move out in March. But that still leaves four horrible months ahead. :o(

Work was great emailed The Song to everyone for their impressions/ideas, and helped do Fiona's decorations which are nice, if put up using slave labour (me and Jane). All the other teams saw us putting up ours so began theirs, but only Carrie's team has a hope in hell of beating our masterpiece.

Probably going out with Becky and her friend tomorrow. We shall see if I can afford the taxi!

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