Thursday, December 05, 2002

What the fuck is up with everyone?

Scooby has run away, after the lock out. :o(

When did I lose my wonder of the world? When did I stop liking people, and begin to hate them with such venom? What the fuck is going on with me putting up with this planet and not fucking going mental and laying the smackth down on all these brainless infidels arses?

I have even stopped liking Graham Norton.

People annoy me sssssoooo much. They ask me: "So what are you going to do with your life?" I have never understood this. These people who live in their comfy suburban houses doing fuck all with their life asking me what I am going to do with mine!!! Why the fuck should I do anything with it, other than live it?

They talk about money, houses, what colour curtains they should have, and what Posh and becks are up to. All to avoid actually talking about themselves, how they feel, and who they are.

My family are always eager to get my approval on things (after they have done them of course, they wouldn't dare consult me before). Like this house for instance. And I am very dismissive and uninterested, and they seem hurt. They seem to crave approval, like all these flipping twats around here, and seem to think that material things are going to win mine.

I am so tired of watching the news. It used to interest me. Seeing things from distant places and going "Wow! How rare!" Now all it seems to be about is explicit details of paedofilia, and John Lesley, things that do not interest me in the slightest. Yet they seem to go into such detail that t leads me to believe that the general public are all flipping closet child abusers who do it by proxy by actually wanting to know the gruesome details. They don't seem satisified with knowing that these evil bastards have harmed kids. They want to know how. IT SICKENS ME!

Today I tried to list people I actually respect, or like, or care about. The list was very short.

Right time to put on a balaclava and bring down the social institutions of this frigging messed up world where people actually read the Daily Mail ("Unravelling the Bible Code, Part Two!").

Oh David Attenborough is my hero of the year.

P.S. have strange scratch marks on neck.

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