Saturday, December 07, 2002

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful, But Will Young Is Quite Delightful

So last night Zoe came and rescued me from my deep grumpiness, and took me to the cinema to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets. It was quite good, although I have to say Malfoy (is that how you spell it? Sorry didn't read the books) reminds me so much of Luke, my former step brother.

It is really, really cold. Just thought I'd tell you that. And Scooby is still missing. I hope he is okay. Probably over at the zoo, rhino hunting.

Today I awoke early, and me and mum headed for Snodland, the second time is a month, and picked up nan. We headed for Croydon, and more importantly, High And Mighty. I managed to spend £200 on clothes (where did this amount of money come from?) despite hating shopping!! Oh well. More clothes shopping still to come! Got some jeans (quelle suprise!), a snazzy blue t-shirt, a blue shirt for work, and a new coat. But my fav thing is my new hoody.... yay!!

Oh my family are funny. Uncle Graham and Uncle David have purchased 200 Christmas trees, and in an Only Fools and Horses fashion are flogging them down their local market. Along with mistletoe (two pound a stem!). The mistletoe, of course, has been collected from various places around Snodland. And I saw some today. I never knew that mistletoe was a parasitic plant that grew off a host tree. It forms a rather fetching sphere as it sprouts from the tree. Very intruiging.

Oh and Step Auntie Tanya's Indian husband, and father of my cousins) has been convicted as a people smuggler, and put in jail. What a bastard. And she is supposed to be the responsible member of the family in Suffolk. Tut!

Have started to feel Christmassy!! Yay!

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