Wednesday, January 01, 2003

What Am Doing Without You?

I hope everyone had a fab New Year! Mine was none too shabby! Mum kindly agreed to give me and Adam a lift to John's house in Canterbury. John gave us some quite easy to follow directions and we set about following them as best we could. Stone Street was closed at several points along the way due to flooding, Mum ignored the barriers and braved the tepid waters (a slow stream and the occassionally large puddle).

We were heading in the right direction, but didn't know if we had missed our turning so we stopped at the side of the road just to check with John. As we stopped I noticed something. We were right next to Stephen's old school. Due to the roundabout way we had come I hadn't realised we were in this part of Canterbury! It turned out John lived one street down from Stephen, in a part of Canterbury I know really well!

Lots of people came to the party there was me, Adam, John, Elliot, Zoe, Laura, Pete, Sophie, Kim, and Matthew. It was good and I had a good time. I arranged to meet Stephen at half past midnight. I got to his house, knocked, no answer. His mum gave me the evils from her bedroom window. She really doesn't like me! i tried phoning, but the network was overloaded. Some fireworks went off dramatically above me, and I wandered back to John's. A little later Stephen phoned, and I went and meet him and brought him back to John's. By now Elliot, Kim, Sophie and matthew had run home.

Pete was almost comatose by the time we got back! Dirty stop out! Anyway me and Stephen proceeded to get more and more dirty and vile until we decided to discreetly go back to his house (it was about half four in the morning). Our entrance was blocked by his twin who had set up a bed in the hallway and as talking to his girlfriend on the phone, he seemed suprised to see me again after so many months/years. He he. twas funny to be back in Stephen's house after my long term ban.

Then I failed in my bid to go without sexual contact. Sorry. :op

Got back to John's just after five. I settled into an armchair, and despite the others all having shenagans, I feel asleep.

I awoke, and after a quick tidy up, we went to Sainsbury's down the road and got crossiants and pain au chocolat. Mmmmm........... half the car park was completely under a good few inches of flood. Very amusing.

Zoe bless her heart, gave me a lift back to boredom. Blah! me no like house.

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