Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Jae Gets The Sack

Ok so I haven't yet. But while I was in a briefing about ET Motoring Holidays, all the other temps did. I haven't seen Stacey yet so I don't know if she did. They all have until the 20th and then they are out. I will have to speak with the Temp boss to find out about me, he comes round today. Erm..... I don't know his name (I have been working there for so long they have gone through too Temp bosses!). So for now Old Father Temp struggles on.

The customers were really dumb yesterday case in point:

"Good morning, ET reservations, Jason speaking, how may I help you?"

"Give me a price" No hello, or good morning.

"Certainly, do you have our discount card?"

"Yes now give me a price."

"OK what vehicle do you want to take?"


"How long do you want to go for?"

"What don't you understand you fucking idiot! I want a price! You are frigging useless......." slams phone down.

Hmmm... I was tempted to say "Well loo roll is just £1.99 down Safeway." But I decided to be nice. I mean how dumb!! If you want a price, you need to tell us what frigging product you want first!! Hello!! This is why I support eradicating the human race from this planet.... we are all dumb, and I am amazed we have made it this far.

*gets his rifle out again* Time for a little "ethical" cleansing..... all dumb, unpleasant people please step forward.......

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