Monday, December 30, 2002

Harry Potter.... Must Die!

OK so my stalking has finally reached a peak. For about five years nearly I have fancied one boy above all others..... MT. But thanks to my job and the internet I know a lot more about him than I really should (address, email address, phone number...... see scary!). It is now at an unhealthy level. I don't know, but when I get depressed, fancying him makes me smile. It's an infatuation that allows me to continue to function. My warped little mind is using MT as a kind of life belt in this mental abyss it inhabits.

I need a hobby.

Work is really strange. Today I went into the break room and realised how much things had changed. Twas summer when I started. There were many people there who I really liked, who are gone now. I have made new friends to replace them. But it isn't the same. I hope in the new round of temp employment there are some interesting people. I am going slowly insane without them.

Oh last night after work was picked up by Zoe, laura, John and Pete and we went to the cinema where we saw Harry Potter. Yawn. I say JK Rowling should get harry addicted to crack. Would make it far more interesting.

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