Saturday, November 30, 2002

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Shopping!

Karen Come Back!!

OK remember I had ordered some clothes from High And Mighty last Saturday? No? Ok well I did. I used my debit card, but foolishly (me being dumb) I put in my new address and not my banking address. So the card was refused. No biggy. I sent an email with my banking address to the nice lady at High and Mighty and everything was going to turn out ok.

So yesterday I hitched a ride to lakeside (a large shopping mall about an hour away in Essex) with Zoe to begin my Christmas shopping, and to get out of this house where I am trapped. We get there. My card doesn't work in the cash machine. Hmmm.... we go and get a KFC.... my card still doesn't work.

Interlude At this point mum texted me to say she has bought me tickets to Avril Lavigne's concert at the Brixton Academy in march..... yay!! Also she gave me the number for Barclay's bank. I phoned em up.

I was quickly put through to fraud!! My card had been stopped by the evil banking overlords. But after much security checks I got it released. Thank the lord!

Thus began a shopping spree. I spent five pounds on cat treats, made an expensive "Santa Baby" cat at the Bear Factory (for mum), bought a dance floor gizmo things for Beth from the gadget shop and a remote controlled buggy from Toy Story for George from the Disney Store (hmm.... my fifth Disney Store of the year!). Anyway I spent way too much time eyeing up guys, talking about (obsessing over) Will Young, and falling in love with disney Store stuff....... (Oh Zoe has bought me a Will Young calender for Xmas.... it was a toss up (calm those dirty thoughts!) between him and Men In Uniform, he won.....)

Got back after braving M25 rush hour traffic, showed Zoe round my new house, went to Spoons with her where we had a meal (Sorry Ronnie!), went back to her house where Jodie (Jody?) did her usual round of questioning ("And is your house on a corner?") and then made the near fatal error of saying "Oh I am going to marry Will Young". Never say that near me! I am his husband to be!! (I wish!) Russell (her boyfriend) saved her by saying "I am sure you would have to work much harder to get him than Jason" Jodie also asked me to give blood. What is it with people asking me to do that?! I can't!!! Grr...

Anyway went back to Spoons and meet up with Becky and Gemma (who work together). Me and becky saw Mat and formed a smaller version of the Eurotunnel posse. Sat down, was accosted by lovely gent (quite drunk, and scary, but sweet) who get asking "May I ask?" questions of Zoe. Me and Becky made mad, drunken plans to move in together in march then explore the world.

Moved onto Leas Club where Becky and gemma left us (Becky in hot pursuit of some man). Saw Sayman and then Zoe gave me a lift home. Has anyone seen MT recently? Am worried I may start going cold turkey soon.....

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