Wednesday, March 20, 2002

OK so I've failed to stop drinking. I had a whole pint last night (under extreme duress I might add!!). Oh well Wicca doesn;t ban such things it was just an idea I had.

Anyway back to more important things, my mental state. I'm far happier than usual (its spring tommorrow!!) and it is the vernal equinox today. But I'm increasingly living in the past. Recently I've started to get in contact with old friends....Russell and Colin to name but two. I've dusted off my old Book of Shadows and my pictures. I think I'm becoming a late '90s retro freak. Help save me.
Its the noughties now after all.

Think: Tweenies, text messages, 11/9, President Bush, Pop Idol.

Don't Think : Teletubbies, pay as you go, Kosovo, Clinton, Stars in their Eyes

I have a day off and chaos breaks loose at the hotel. We have had SIX (SIX!!!!!) escapees. Thats a lot of money. No Mr. Lambert did not take they money upon check in (as I require) nor any details. Now he has run off to France for a few days I can get things back to normal: the new sign has finally arrived today.

OK I am not easily shocked. But Bish has just managed it. He is cleaning out Room 4 (escapees). What does he find? Cocaine!!! Lots of....COCAINE!! OH MY GOD!! I have only seen it once before (in a toilet at Calais Port). AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!

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